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Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Christmas Party

Club Soda’s First Christmas Party

A last reminder! Wednesday 16 December At Croydon Clock tower 7 to 11pm. Tickets cost £6. They are selling fast. Live music; Karaoke; open mike slot for people to show off on stage; theatre by Greengoose; wheelchair art; balloons; films; art exhibition by Space C studio artists… The artists Delroy Ford Lenya Chrisanthou Robert Lovejoy will be preparing work for an exhibition in Space C—Croydon Clock tower's community gallery. Exhibition 16 December to 2 January 2010 Space C The Space C studio artists’ work will be on show at the next Club Soda. It will include different types of art, including print, mosaic, sculpture, water colours, drawings and more. Some pieces of work will be for sale (Leisure Link News Letter issue 49)

Club Soda’s ‘Christmas Party’ on 16th December was massive, with over 300 people attending! The club featured a main dance space, karaoke in the bar, open-mic, theatre performances in the court, films in the cinema, a ‘cool out lounge’ and an art exhibition – phew! There were 3 performing arts companies there (including resident theatre company Big White Light) and 7 resident DJ’s. Every aspect of the club was co-produced and co- managed by people with learning disabilities; from the cloakroom staff to the sound and lighting crew! Club Soda was developed through Croydon Clock tower’s relationship with groundbreaking arts organization, Heart ‘n’ Soul; in 1999 they established the first club in Croydon run by people with learning disabilities, The Beautiful Octopus Club; it ran for 10 years. The existence and success of Club Soda is thanks to this long-standing relationship between the Clock tower and Heart ‘n’ Soul. Our next Club Soda ‘Party’ is on Wednesday March 24th 2010. It will feature an exciting live performer called Lizzie Emeh. Lizzie is making history as the first solo artist with a learning disability to release her album to the general public. (

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