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Monday, March 14, 2011

Club Soda Jingle Bell Bonanza

Club Soda Jingle Bell Bonanza

15 December 2010 7-11pm Tickets are £6 Club Soda is a fantastic night club & performance event produced by adults with learning disabilities! Join us this Christmas for an amazing line up of events including music, theatre, film and art at the Croydon Clocktower Massive arts party with live music, DJs, film, theatre & more!

Thanks to the renowned Club Soda technicians, the lighting and sound created a truly unique and enjoyable atmosphere. In Which to celebrate Christmas and of course Club Soda. Rainbow colours, foam and giant snow flakes where the finishing touches to any party. At the Club Soda Jingle Bell Bonanza foam fell from the heavens. It might not have been as magical as real snow, but it sure was beautiful, as it gently floated on to the dancing crowds.

Writing anything using a Tag Tool touch pad is really strange. Any thing the user writes appears on to a projected wall. The only draw back is that a person can not actually see what their lettering looks like, until it projected on to the wall. Thats the challenge of it because its like writing with no ink or typing without a monitor in which to see your lettering. During the Jingle Bell Bonanza members of the public could have a go at writing with the Tag Tool touch padIt seems that red and white is very fashionable at Club Soda at the moment. With many of the guests, Club Soda's Media crew and Dy's adorning themselves in the festive colours. For How many times dose one get the amazing chance to dress like Mr and Mrs Santa Clause.

Lenya Club Soda's formost artist regularly exhibits and sells her works at Club Soda events. Along with Club Soda's more mundane merchandise our guests could also buy Lenya's hand made cards, bookmarks, mosaics and or sculptures.

Julie aka DJ Soul Sister and DJ Dennise have been a long time members and DJ's of Club Soda.Whether making important decisions on the Club Soda committee or spinning the decks at a Club Soda Party thier is always perfectly poised.

Heres a lovely photograph that captured the opening scenes to the film 'What Is Club Soda'' shown at the David Cinema during the Jingle Bell Bonanza. The film is available at and on you tube.

An appreciative audiences applauds after the second showing of Club Soda's second film 'What is Club soda, which was shown at the David Lean Cinema, during the Jingle Bell Bonanza. The film is available at and on you tube.

Sedley a member of Club Soda media crew is busily taking photographs to help record the details and events of the Club Soda Jingle Bell Bonanza. Sedley is one of a team of photographers helping to chronicle this amazing event. On the whole the Club Soda Media Crew and are interviewing. So that he can be interviewed about how they feel about the possibility of Club Soda disappearing, due to potential council cuts to locally funded organisations.

Whether shaken stirred a legless reindeer cocktail is one of the of the fantastic cocktails offered at the bar.

What a singer Catherine amazing performance further illustrates why she is one Club Soda's favourite performers.Catherine is an enormous talent who dedication can clearly be heard through every beautiful note. (Caroline Dodd).

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